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A wee IT team who deliver stunning small business and personal web sites

About Us

We are Fwebdesign, a wee web-design team since 2018. We are helping people whose dream is to have a website for their business or organization to become a reality. We are based in Scotland.

  • Professional IT team
  • We use HTML, PHP, CSS and Java
  • Web development, logo and photography

It all started in 2016 when I realized how many businesses are in need of a website so I decided to start up a business that offers stunning websites at affordable prices.

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Why us?

We have a system that allows us to create a website designed around your business needs.

We design all of our websites before creating to ensure that all are perfectly suited to you.

  • 01 Responsive Website Design

    All of the websites we create are fully responsive, allowing the best accessibility across all devices

  • A website needs to updated regularly to keep content fresh as well as check for updates on the back end of the website. It is for this reason that our customers avail of our maintenance and aftercare. We will update the website on a basis that you wish, adding new content, items as well as ensuring that website runs s moothly without any problems.

  • SEO allows the website to be easily found on Google and other search engines. our system allows us to ensure that every single page and item is searchable through either the search bar that is included on all E-Commerce websites as well as outside the website itself.


Over time our team experience grows up after every satisfied customer we have

Below is our IT team knowledge based on their experience

HTML 100%
CSS 90%
PHP 75%
JavaScript 60%


We Pride ourselves in being able to help businesses grow, we know this can be a long process. We help provide help in getting the business to its full potential

Website Design

Refer to your business type requirements, we create a custom design. We design all of our websites before creating to ensure that all are perfectly suited to you. Our system design is simple and responsive with a very fresh look.

Responsive Website

Responsive websites are the future! They allow your site to adapt to different screen sizes which means that whatever device your web visitors are using they get the best possible view of our business or service.

Search Engine Opitimisation SEO

Every great website needs great SEO, this allows the website to be easily found on Google and other search engines. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic s earch engine results.

Web maintenance

We believe that designing and creating a website is only a part of making it work successfully.Website maintenance is the act of regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. Regular monitoring of your website is a must for keeping your business running smoothly.

Feel free

If you are ready to collaborate, even if you are not clearly convinced about websites, feel free to send us a message about your business type or any other question and we have gone answer back to you in less then one hour.


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Fencing, Garden mentenance

Haircut salon




Bar & Coffee shop



Wedding photography


Vegetables, Fruits or Animals


Factory, industry


Car service, garage


Carpenter, Woodwork

Cridos Restaurant


Broth3rs Restaurant


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Website build & maintenance Prices

We have 3 packages price which can suit your small business type

Personal Plan

£150Thereafter £10 per month

(total £120/year)

  • Up to 5 pages
  • Responsive web design
  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Contact form
  • One Email address
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Business Restaurant E-Commerce Plan

£250 Thereafter £20 per month

(total £240/year)

  • Unlimited pages
  • Responsive web design
  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Contact form & Booking form
  • Up to 5 Email address
  • Free app for receiving orders
  • Easy to use ordering system
  • Real time ordering
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About plans & prices...

Every plan has a specific price according to the scope. Below I will explain how the prices work for each plan.

  • About Personal Standard plan

    Personal Standard Plan is for a basic web site with up to 5 pages more suitable for any self-employed, project or business presentation, bloggers, designers, or any personal project presentation use. One email address on your name choose. Domain name and Hosting are included in price. Responsive web site as well.

  • Small Business Standard is the most used plan because it includes everything small business website need. This plan has 7-8 pages including a contact form and booking form edited in PHP code, so you can be contacted directly to your personal email safely. Up to 3 email address in case is more then one owner of the business or your manager need one. This plan is suitable for Coffee Shops, Bar, Pubs, Restaurants, Fish and Chips, Gardening, Joinery, Haircut Salon, Sweet shop, Dentist, Graphic Designer and many others.... Domain name and Hosting are included in price. Responsive website as well.

  • This Plan is a bit more expensive because E-Commerce pages contain products selling and are taking a lot of work and time. Usually, on the market, E-commerce pages cost much more but we decide to work with E-commerce just for Restaurants at the moment. Apart from unlimited pages and everything else this plan has an extra free packet like a Free app installed in your device for receiving orders, Easy to use ordering system, and a Real-time ordering. Also a few possibilities to introduced free extra options like promotions. Up to 5 email address so you can keep good communication between customers and your business. Domain name and Hosting are included in price. Responsive website as well.

  • Each plan has a specific price. For example, on the Small Business Plan, the price for Web Site to build is £200, one payment, and is gone take about one week. When the WebSite is ready, we test it on all devices, and if you are happy with it we publish online. From the day your WebSite is Live is time for the monthly web site maintenance payment according to the plan.

  • Our collaboration is based on design presentations and communication. Also, you need to provide us your logo in PNG format, if have one, if not we can do it for an extra cost, depending on the difficulty. But you can choose to don't have any logo and instead you can have a different font type for business name.


Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding any details about web sites.

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