Kinnaird House WiFi router & extention installation

Hard job but very satisfied at the end.

Several hours' job because of the position of the router but very satisfied at the end of the day. Our guest have full signal anywhere in the house and special outside. The signal range has a very significant increase. Thank you very much Florian also for recovering our data from the old HDD very fast. A lot of documents, videos, and photos recover.

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  • David Moulin

    03 Aug 2020

    They fix my router two years ago. Wasn't easy at all.

  • To David Moulin

    05 Aug 2020

    Hi David! Nice to see you again! I think I remember that job, there was one router from Virgin and two extensions if I remember well... Thank you for your comment.

  • David Moulin

    10 Aug 2020

    Yes, Florian! Can't believe you remember that! Since there we have no more problems with our WiFi.


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